Thousands of tickets sold for Nigeria’s friendly against Mexico | Tunde Folawiyo

Supporters of Nigeria have been eagerly awaiting the team’s upcoming match against Mexico, which is to be held in the Georgia Dome of Atlanta. Over 40,000 tickets have already been sold, including 85% of the tickets for the lower seating section. Further sales are expected on the day of the match itself, as sporting events at the Dome tend to attract a considerable number of ‘walk-ins’, i.e. fans that simply purchase their tickets upon arrival at the venue.

Tunde FolawiyoDaniel Amokachi, who serves as the assistant coach of the Super Eagles, spoke to the press about the match. Like Keshi, he implied that the performance of the players during this event would determine whether or not they are included in the squad for the World Cup. This will be the last free window for the team before the tournament begins in June, meaning that this is the players’ final opportunity to show off their skills before the squad is selected.

Keshi has called up a number of uncapped players, presumably so that he can see whether or not they might be suitable choices for the World Cup. Ramon Azeez, Michael Uchebo and Imoh Ezekiel have been chosen, along with Juwon Oshaniwa and Joseph Yobo. In addition to this, Keshi has picked four domestic league players.

For those with an interest in football, like Tunde Folawiyo, these choices should come as no surprise; all of these players have, over the past year or so, proven themselves to be exceptionally talented. For instance, Ezekiel has scored a total of eight goals this season in Belgium, and was offered a place at the FIFA U20 World Cup last year, Uchebo has netted five goals, and Azeez has made 18 appearances with La Liga over the past few months.

Amokachi also shared his thoughts on Nigeria’s chances of winning the World Cup. He stated that it would be difficult to predict the outcome of the tournament, and that in the past, the team have never managed to get past the quarterfinals. However, he went on to say that the current players are some of the best the club has ever had, and so he believes it’s entirely possible that they will go further this time round. Tunde Folawiyo, and other fans who know how well the team has performed over the past year or so, are likely to hold similarly optimistic views.

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